Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Crash of the Moons

Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse
Writen by: Warren Wilson
Produced by: Guy V. Thayer Jr.
Run Time:1 hour, 12 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Science Fiction, Adventure, Television
Cast: Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield

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Richard Crane stars as legendary space captain "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" in this 2-part episode from the syndicated 1954 television series. The series was cancelled after a single season because the costly special effects made it unprofitable. Rocky's scantily clad assistant Vena Ray is played by Sally Mansfield.

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by Anonymous on October 08, 2014, 05:05 AM

MST3K episode.

by on January 24, 2015, 06:25 AM

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