Power, Passion and Murder

Directed by: Paul Bogart
Writen by: Julia Kent, Paul Nicholas, Peter Patzak, Lutz Schaarw chter, John O'Hara, Budd Schulberg
Produced by: Dieter Nobbe, Karl Spiehs, David Loxton, Jac Venza
Run Time:1 hour, 27 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Drama, Television
Cast: Michelle Pfeiffer, Hector Elizondo, George Murdock

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Set in 1930's Hollywood, the story centers on a young actress whose career is on the upswing and things seem to be going her way. A chance meeting with a married man sparks a passion that seemed to have been lacking in her life. Her romance with this gentleman leads her to a downward spiral in her personal and professional career. From the "Great Performances" TV series.

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