Born to Fight

Directed by: Charles Hutchison
Writen by: Daniel Mainwaring, Maxwell Shane, Whitman Chambers, Peter B. Kyne, Stephen Norris, Sascha Baraniey
Produced by: William C. Thomas, William H. Pine, Maurice Conn
Run Time:1 hour, 7 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Drama, Romance, Sports
Cast: Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, Jack La Rue

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An experienced fighter on the run from a crooked gambler he punched out meets and befriends a young aspiring boxer. Seeing some talent in the youthful fighter, the older pugilist decides to train him and gets him set for a fight with the Champ. When the gambler learns of the older fighter's involvement with the bout, he sets out to ruin the young fighter's opportunity to get his revenge on his trainer.

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