Zombie Ed

Directed by: Ren Blood
Writen by: Ren Blood
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 37 minutes
Content Type Rating:Not Rated
Genres:Comedy, Horror
Collections:Nazisploitation, Zombies for Days, New Blood
Cast: William C. Cutting, Kelly Petering, Trista Robinson, Myles Mclane, Melissa Bacelar
Keywords: zombie, character name in title

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Loser Ed has a lame job, a beater car, a crappy apartment and no hope of a girlfriend. Ed doesn't think things could get any worse for him until the day he woke up and found he had GONE ZOMBIE. Shockingly Ed finds he is a good looking, athletic and successful zombie but can't enjoy his new zombie life because he is afraid the LOSER Ed, still living inside of him will come out and ruin everything. Things heat up for Ed when his hot zombie girlfriend gets him involved in the zombie equal rights movement. Ed has a chance to make life better for zombies everywhere but will he risk it all to become the zombie he was born to be?

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