Woman on the Run

Directed by: Norman Foster
Writen by: Mel Dinelli, Alan Campbell
Produced by: Tom Lewis, Howard Welsch
Run Time:1 hour, 16 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Film Noir, Crime, Drama
Collections:Films of the 1950s
Cast: Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith

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A man witnesses a gangland murder and, fearing he would be targeted by the mob, goes into hiding to escape a potential hit. The police find out about his involvement in the crime and approach the man's wife, in the hopes she will lead them to him. Thinking that he's really running away from their marriage, the woman begins searching for her husband, with the aid of a newspaper reporter working on the story. As the wife comes closer to finding her husband, the killer responsible for the hit draws closer to his quarry, too.

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