Witch's Sabbath

Directed by: Jeff Leroy
Writen by: Jeremiah Campbell
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 24 minutes
Content Type Rating:Not Rated
Collections:Devil Made Me Do It, Witches, New Blood
Cast: Syn DeVil, Ron Jeremy, Christine Cowden
Keywords: witch, strip club, female nudity, blood splatter, blood

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A coven of witches mask their true identity by operating the "Sin and Skin" strip club in, "The Witch's Sabbath". To keep the coven as one, they must behead 666 victims before the arrival of their Dark Lord on Halloween. Unsuspecting victims are carefully chosen at the strip club and find themselves invited to feast at a sinister mansion where the ladies of "Sin and Skin" offer their victims one final meal. With their deadline fast approaching, the head witch Auriana (Syn DeVil), makes a desperate attempt to meet their Lord's demands. They soon realize that the attendees of their final dinner on All Hollows Eve prove to be more than just victims.

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