Wild Women of Wongo

Directed by: James L. Wolcott
Writen by: Cedric Rutherford, Sam X. Abarbanel, Gregory G. Tallas
Produced by: James L. Wolcott, Albert J. Cohen
Run Time:1 hour, 12 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Adventure, Comedy
Collections:Creep in the Jungle, Ultra Campy
Cast: Jean Hawkshaw, Mary Ann Webb, Cande Gerrard

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We travel to the island paradise known as Wongo, where we discover a clan of beautiful women who are pining for company. Luckily they discover a tribe of handsome men on the opposite side of the island. Unfortunately for the romantically challenged women, the island is also home to a horde of lonely ape men who are planning to forcibly take them as mates.

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