Directed by: Steve Sessions
Writen by: Steve Sessions
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 31 minutes
Content Type Rating:Not Rated
Collections:Psycho Killer, New Blood
Cast: Suzie Lorraine, Tom Stedham, Ted Alderman, Jade LaFont
Keywords: visual hallucination, torture, slasher flick, killer clown, independent film

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From the makers of DEAD CLOWNS ("one of the most effective indie horror films I've seen in years" - Bloody Disgusting) comes a new tale of coulrophobia! Suzi Lorraine (Chainsaw Sally, Satan's Schoolgirls) plays Laura Wiggington, a woman recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital. Her husband Ray (Tom Stedham) takes her to an isolated river cottage to recover. There she is stalked by a psychopathic clown named Dissecto (Lucien Eisenach -- Hellbound: Book of the Dead) who performs macabre "tricks" for his literally captive audiences. But does the clown really lurk nearby or only in the dark recess of Laura's troubled mind?

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