The Nude Vampire

Directed by: Jean Rollin
Writen by: Jean Rollin, S.H. Mosti
Produced by: Jean Lavie
Run Time:1 hour, 23 minutes
Content Type Rating:R for frequent nudity
Collections:Vampire Flicks, Exploitation, Featured
Cast: Olivier Martin, Maurice Lemaitre, Caroline Cartier, Ly Lestrong, Bernard Musson, Jean Aron

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The plot concerns a beautiful "vampire" woman who becomes involved with a playboy whose father is experimenting with artificial youth. As it turns out, a group of vampires is trying to save her from aliens from outer space! There's people with reindeer heads, the usual artsy sex and violence, and a science-fiction subplot about a doorway to another dimension. A very unique erotic euro-horror film with a thought-provoking story. This video was transferred from a 16mm print.

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