The Mansion of Madness

Directed by: Juan Lopez Moctezuma
Writen by: Carlos Illescas, Juan Lopez Moctezuma, Edgar Allan Poe
Produced by: Roberto Viskin
Run Time:1 hour, 22 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Comedy
Collections:Cult Classics, Creepo Grande, Featured
Cast: Claudio Brook, Arthur Hansel, Ellen Sherman, Martin LaSalle

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A mysterious man is sent deep into the forest to investigate the bizarre behavior of the notorious Dr. Tarr. What he stumbles upon is the doctor's torture dungeon, a hellish asylum completely cut off from civilization and presided over by the ultimate madman. Innocent people have been savagely chained, tortured and stuck in glass cages, then forced to take part in gruesome games of ritual slaughter.

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