The Hoodlum

Directed by: Max Nosseck
Writen by: Anthony Verney, Sam Neuman
Produced by: Donald Ginsberg, Jack Schwarz
Run Time:1 hour, 1 minute
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Drama, Film Noir
Cast: Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan

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A career criminal is finally released from prison and he moves back home with his family, who have been put through the wringer because of his activities. Taking a job at his brother's gas station, the ex-convict spends much of his time intimidating the customers and scheming to seduce a bank secretary in order to use her for a planned bank robbery. Meanwhile, he has seduced his brother's fiancee, gotten her pregnant and abandoned her, which makes the despondent girl commit suicide. All paths in the story lead to the fateful bank robbery and a final confrontation between the criminal and his brother.

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