The Girl in Lover's Lane

Directed by: Charles R. Rondeau
Writen by: Devery Freeman, Jo Heims
Produced by: Milton H. Bren, William A. Seiter, Robert Roark, Roger Markle
Run Time:1 hour, 16 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Drama, Romance
Collections:Juvenile Delinquents
Cast: Brett Halsey, Joyce Meadows, Lowell Brown

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Two drifters arrive via freight train at a small town and seem to get into trouble almost immediately. The younger man, a rich lad running from home, is roughed up by some local thugs after flashing his money. The older man gets in bigger trouble after the local coffee shop waitress he starts seeing is found murdered. Our two outsiders must clear the one man's name and find the true killer before a lynch mob gets a hold of them.

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