The Forest

Directed by: Donald M. Jones
Writen by: Evan Jones, Paul Costello, Marc Princi, Simon O'Neill
Produced by: Frank Evans, Don Jones, Charles Aubuchan, Erv Sanders, Raymond R. Homer, Carlo Ponti
Run Time:1 hour, 25 minutes
Content Type Rating:R
Cast: Dean Russell, Gary Kent, Tomi Barrett

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Two couples camping in the California wilderness believe their on a relaxing vacation but it takes a turn for the worst when they set up camp in the wrong area. A crazed hermit, who kills and eats anyone trespassing in his woods, lives nearby and has set his sights on the unsuspecting group. As the deranged killer stalks the couples one by one, they come to realize they are in a struggle where either they eliminate him or their going to be his next meal.

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