The Embalmer

Directed by: Dino Tavella
Writen by: David Chase, John Hayes, Antonio Walter, Dino Tavella
Produced by: Daniel Cady, Walter Manley, Christian Marvel
Run Time:1 hour, 17 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Collections:Moto creepo!
Cast: Maureen Brown, Luigi Martocci, Luciano Gasper

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Women are disappearing amid the beauty of Venice, Italy, where a killer snatches his victims off the canals and streets to whisk them to his subterranean chamber. Once there, the killer embalms his victims to preserve them in a personal display of his crimes. A journalist is drawn to the disappearances and decides to investigate them, leading to the disappearance of his own girlfriend at the hands of this fiend, launching him in a desperate search to find her before she becomes another figure in the killer's display.

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