The Devil's Nightmare

Directed by: Jean Brismee
Writen by: Jean Brismee, Pierre-Claude Garnier
Produced by: Pierre-Claude Garnier
Run Time:1 hour, 33 minutes
Content Type Rating:R
Collections:le Creep, Films of the 1970s, Mad Scientists, Featured, Queer Eye for the Creepy Guy
Cast: Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Daniel Emilfork, Ivana Novak, Jacques Monseau, Lorenzo Terzon

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You'll love The Devil's Nightmare. It's a great "monster in a castle" movie. A busload of tourists spends the night in the creepy castle of Baron Von Rumberg, himself an alchemist with a cool dungeon lab. Another guest arrives, a beautiful woman who is really a succubus. As the night lingers, she begins to kill off the tourists in horrific fashion. Blanc, as the succubus, is stunningly beautiful, yet when she transforms, her face becomes one of the scariest female monster faces we've ever seen. Emilfork is perfect as the Devil-what great casting. There is a nude lesbian love scene, so please keep this from the kids.

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