The Dead Talk Back

Directed by: Merle S. Gould
Writen by: Merle S. Gould
Produced by: Merle S. Gould
Run Time:1 hour, 4 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Mystery
Cast: Aldo Farnese, Scott Douglas, Laura Brock

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A previously unreleased horror film! A young blonde is brutally murdered. An eccentric scientist who sidelines as a criminal investigator has created an apparatus that can communicate with the dead! He attempts to contact the dead girl so she can finger her killer. Our scientist/investigator is also heavy into metaphysics. You'll see objects floating around in what has to be the cheapest lab ever created for a horror film (look for a spring water bottle and a reel of film as part of the "scientific" apparatus).

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MST3K Episode

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