Star Knight

Directed by: Fernando Colomo
Writen by: Fernando Colomo, Andreu Martin
Produced by: Fernando Colomo, Jose Esteban Lasala
Run Time:1 hour, 31 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Science Fiction
Collections:Creepo Grande, Ultra Campy
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Fernando Rey, Harvey Keitel, Maria Lamor, Jose Vivo, Miguel Bose

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It is the dark ages. Knights patrol the countryside, Kings make the rules, and princesses go silently about their royal duties. Princesses, that is, who aren't Princess Alba (Maria Lamor). When a dragon apparently abducts Princess Alba, it's up to Klever (Harvey Keitel) to save her. What Klever finds, however, is not a dragon at all - but a strange beast-like craft from the stars - a craft with an occupant, a humanoid alien from another planet. Things heat up when, during Princess Alba's rescue, Klever gets closer to the alien than he ever expected - and learns that Alba isn't being held against her will after all - she is in love with the strange, futuristic traveler.

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