Spider Baby

Directed by: Jack Hill
Writen by: Jack Hill
Produced by: Gil Lasky, Paul Monka
Run Time:1 hour, 21 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Horror
Collections:Cult Classics, , Featured
Cast: Lon Chaney, Carol Ohmart, Jill Banner, Beverly Washburn, Quinn K. Redeker, Sid Haig, Mary Mitchel, Karl Schanzer, Mantan Moreland

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Perversely delightful, often hilarious, and downright horrifying. Chaney is the household master of an eerie mansion full of regressive psychos. A tasty blend of pure horror and black comedy that has rarely been topped. Although he was probably hitting the sauce pretty hard during this period, Lon really gives it his best. The result is an unforgettable cult classic.

User Reviews

by Anonymous on April 11, 2013, 04:17 AM


cult classic

by gern blanston on March 09, 2014, 05:10 AM

definitely a different type of movie. Dark humor. Creepster keep em coming!

by on March 06, 2021, 08:57 PM

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