School of Death

Directed by: Pedro Luis Ramirez
Writen by: Alfonso Balcazar, Sandro Continenza
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 29 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Horror, Thriller
Collections:Mad Scientists, Zombies for Days, Featured
Cast: Dean Selmier, Sandra Mozaroski, Victoria Vera

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An 1899 London orphanage is the setting for this weird tale. There is a really cool looking monster-guy doing weird experiments on an attractive young woman. He's actually a fire-scarred mad doctor who subjects his beautiful victim to memory-draining surgery, turning her into a zombie. She eventually dies, but like in all good horror movies she's soon seen walking around again. Who is this mad doctor and what does he want? All things considered, this is a good old-fashioned horror movie that's very atmospheric and entertaining.

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