Resurrection Mary

Directed by: Michael Lansu
Writen by: Michael Lansu
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 38 minutes
Content Type Rating:Not Rated
Genres:Drama, Horror, Mystery
Collections:Devil Made Me Do It, Ghosts, New Blood
Cast: Jason Ryan Lovett, Joe Estevez, Rebecca Shea, Eva Bloomfield, Bree Pavey
Keywords: wedding, legend, low budget film, good versus evil, resurrection

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Six months before his wedding, Shawn is suddenly filled with doubt. Maybe it was the family wedding, maybe it was his friends, maybe all it took was the beautiful girl in white. Before he knows it, casual glances turn into something more. His fiance, Amy, knows things aren't right, but Shawn isn't talking, that is, until the girl in white hitches a ride. Now the glances and guilt become an argument, ending with the girl walking down the dark road again. The fight continues and when Amy gets suspicious, she forces Shawn to turn the car around to find the girl, but Shawn doesn't see her until she darts in front of the car. The accident leaves Amy in a coma, and Shawn bruised, with few answers and unable to separate the girl in white from facts and legend. When he returns to the ballroom, Wilkes, the owner, lets Shawn in on the decades old secret: Mary is in a dance with the devil. Now sins, sanity and Amy's salvation are at stake as Shawn searches for a way to bring her back, and Mary comes looking for the soul she should have taken before.

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