Phantom of the Moulin Rouge

Directed by: Rene Clair
Writen by: Rene Clair, Walter Schlee
Produced by: Rene Fernand
Run Time:1 hour, 11 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Drama, Horror, Silent
Collections:Film School, Ghosts
Cast: Albert Prejean, Sandra Milovonov, Georges Vaultier, Paul Ollivier, Madeleine Rodrigue, Maurice Schutz

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A weird fantasy from French director, Rene Clair. A dapper aristocrat falls into despair when his fiancee breaks off with him. She's being forced to wed a shady publisher who is blackmailing her father. Mired in depression, her ex goes to the fabulous "Moulin Rouge" where he meets the strange Dr. Renault, who takes him to his manor and conducts a weird experiment in which his spirit is freed from its body. Joyful in his release from reality, he refuses to re-enter his body. He soars through Paris, causing ghostly mischief. However, when Renault is found with a "lifeless" body, he is arrested for murder. An autopsy is scheduled! Can he return to his body in time?

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