Midnight Manhunt

Directed by: William C. Thomas
Writen by: David Lang, Clarence Hennecke
Produced by: William H. Pine, Clifford Sanforth
Run Time:1 hour, 2 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Cast: William Gargan, Ann Savage, Leo Gorcey

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Two competing reporters vie to be first to break the story of a body found murdered in a wax museum. The body turns out to be Joe Wells, an infamous criminal who was shot in his hotel room and staggers into the museum where he expires. Spunky reporter Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage) finds the corpse and is about to call in the exclusive when Pete Willis (William Gargan), a fellow reporter and occasional lover, shows up and sniffs out the story. When the killer (George Zucco) shows up, he is frustrated to find the body missing, removed by Clutch (Leo Gorcey) a clueless museum worker.

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