Directed by: George Eastman
Writen by: G. L. Eastman, Fred Denger, Denis Heroux, Fred Denger
Produced by: Donatella Donati, Peter Fink, Georg M. Reuther
Run Time:1 hour, 35 minutes
Content Type Rating:R
Genres:Horror, Science Fiction
Collections:Mad Scientists, Featured
Cast: Gene LeBrock, Catherine Baranov, Harry Cason

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Play: Metamorphosis


A university researcher is working to crack the human gene code in order to create a serum that would prevent aging. Pressured by the administration to publish his papers and produce some results or risk losing funding, the scientist decides to use himself as a guinea pig for the latest serum he's developed. Suffering no apparent side effects at first, the scientist eventually discovers that the serum has indeed altered him in a manner most unexpected.

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