Directed by: Fletcher Markle
Writen by: John Roeburt, Henri La Barthe
Produced by: Edward J. Danziger, Walter Wanger
Run Time:1 hour, 11 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Drama, Film Noir, Mystery
Cast: Franchot Tone, Jean Wallace, Myron McCormick

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Franchot Tone plays Assistant District Attorney Howard Malloy, a man with a mission to avenge the brutal slaying of his friend, who discovered that a group of supposed patriots were really members of a fascist hate group. Now he's determined to expose them for what they are. When the group sends Barbara Whitfield (Jean Wallace) to seduce Malloy and ruin his career, she has misgivings, but is murdered before she can confess. With Whitfield dead, Malloy is even more determined to bring "The Crusaders" to justice.

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