Idaho Transfer

Directed by: Peter Fonda
Writen by: Isadore Bernstein, William Buchanan, Basil Dickey
Produced by: Sam Katzman
Run Time:1 hour, 25 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Science Fiction, Adventure, Drama
Collections:Films of the 1970s
Cast: Kelly Bohanon, Kevin Hearst, Caroline Hildebrand

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A group of research scientists based at an Idaho facility discovers a means to travel forward in time, whilst remaining at the same locale. When one of the group's trips reveals a bleak future for the human race, the government steps in to shut down their research. Battling against the bureaucrats sent to oversee the facility, the researchers decide to travel forward in time to find the cause of the horrible accident that apparently will ruin the ecology and threaten the very existence of man.

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