Hollywood Man

Directed by: Jack Starrett
Writen by: Irving Gaynor Neiman, Tom Farese, Ray Girardin, Dominic Gambardella, William Smith
Produced by: Charles Fries, Bob Markell, Sarah Genesee Burton, Thomas Anthony Farese, Harry Roth
Run Time:1 hour, 24 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast: William Smith, Jennifer Billingsley, Ray Girardin

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A Hollywood action star is trying to finish his latest film but finds he is short the funding to complete the picture. The film's investor places some extreme demands upon the actor in order to provide the funding for finishing the film and then takes steps behind the scenes to sabotage the production, in order to collect the assets of the actor. The actor is forced to battle for his professional and physical life, all in the name of entertainment.

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