Face of Terror

Directed by: Isidoro M. Ferry, William J. Hole Jr.
Writen by: Monroe Manning
Produced by: Gustavo Quintana
Run Time:1 hour, 19 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Horror, Science Fiction
Collections:Creepo Grande, Mad Scientists, Ultra Campy, Psycho Killer, Featured
Cast: Lisa Gaye, Fernando Rey, Gerard Tichy, Virgilio Teixeira, Concha Cuetos

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A schlocky but fun blend of horror and sci-fi. A scientist develops a drug that eradicates scar tissue. He takes a woman and transforms her disfigured face into a thing of beauty. Unknown to him, she is a wanted psycho! She injures the scientist while escaping. Later her face starts to look rather odd.

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