Drive-in Massacre

Directed by: Stu Segall
Writen by: Buck Flowers, John Goff, Godfrey Daniels
Produced by: Alvin K. Bubis, Albert Band, Louis Garfinkle, Stu Segall
Run Time:1 hour, 14 minutes
Content Type Rating:R
Genres:Horror, Thriller
Collections:Psycho Killer
Cast: John F. Goff, Steve Vincent, Douglas Gudbye

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Two police detectives investigate a series of murders at a California drive-in theater. Someone has been murdering unsuspecting movie patrons with a massive sword during the showing of a western. The killings mount as the detectives try to close in on the psychotic killer, hoping to stop him before he can claim any more victims. This film was part of many double bill drive-in theater shows in the mid-1970's.

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