Dick Tracy's Dilemma

Directed by: John Rawlins
Writen by: Chester Gould, Sam Neuman, Nat Tanchuck
Produced by: Herman Schlom, Jack Schwarz
Run Time:59 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama
Cast: Ralph Byrd, Lyle Latell, Kay Christopher

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In this latest adventure featuring top-notch police detective Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd), our intrepid sleuth is called in on an apparent fur heist. After looking into the case, Tracy thinks it may be a possible insurance swindle but soon realizes it's much more when one of his police informants turns up murdered. Armed with a new resolve and new clues, Tracy and his sidekicks uncover a plot created by the fiendish criminal "The Claw".

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