Desert Commandos

Directed by: Umberto Lenzi
Writen by: Umberto Lenzi
Produced by: Alberto Grimaldi
Run Time:1 hour, 33 minutes
Content Type Rating:PG
Genres:Adventure, Drama
Collections:Nazisploitation, The Spy Who Spies, Moto creepo!
Cast: Ken Clark, Horst Frank, Jeanne Valerie

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At a key point in World War II, five German commandos are assigned to a top secret mission and parachuted into the Sahara Desert, behind Allied lines. Their assignment is to make their way to Casablanca undetected in order to assassinate their targets. The Allies top leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, are meeting in secret in order to work out the details of the Allied assault on Europe. If the commandos succeed in their mission, they could change the course of the war!

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