Cross Mission

Directed by: Alfonso Brescia
Writen by: Larry Alexander, Eugene Price, Marc B. Ray, Donald Russo
Produced by: Chase Mellen III, Walter Bigari, Ettore Spagnuolo
Run Time:1 hour, 31 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Collections:Moto creepo!
Cast: Richard Randall, Brigitte Porsche, Peter Hintz

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A Latin American general runs his country with a firm hand and profits from the illegal drug trade, all the while pretending to fight the smuggling for the benefit of the United Nations. A female photojournalist, who is covering a story in the country, convinces the general's right-hand man to change his ways and help bring down the corrupt leadership of his former boss. Unfortunately, the general finds out about his man's change of heart and decides to eliminate him before any international agencies can find out the truth about his country.

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