Directed by: Roberto Faenza
Writen by: Knut Hamsun, Hugh Fleetwood
Produced by: Matthijs van Heyningen, Yannick Bernard, Elda Ferri, Roberto Cicutto
Run Time:1 hour, 33 minutes
Content Type Rating:R
Collections:Before Famous
Cast: Harvey Keitel, John Lydon, Nicole Garcia

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A deranged killer has been targeting corrupt New York City cops, attacking them and slashing their throats while disguised as a fellow officer. A crooked cop, leading a double life as a drug dealer, fears that he and his partner will be targeted by the killer and is shocked to find a strange young man at the doorstep of his secret apartment, overlooking Central Park. Confirming his suspicions about the young man, the corrupt cop holds him prisoner at the apartment and begins to torture him, to protect his secret, but finds the tables turned on him by the stranger, when things don't go as he planned.

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