Cold Sweat

Directed by: Terence Young
Writen by: Richard Matheson, Dorothea Bennett, Jo Eisinger, Albert Simonin, Shimon Wincelberg
Produced by: Robert Dorfmann, Maurice Jacquin
Run Time:1 hour, 33 minutes
Content Type Rating:PG
Genres:Action, Thriller, Drama
Collections:Moto creepo!, Before Famous
Cast: Charles Bronson, James Mason, Liv Ullmann

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A reformed military ex-convict, Joe (Charles Bronson), runs into trouble when the gang he abandoned, led by Ross (James Mason), comes demanding to use the fishing boat he captains. Their scheme is to pull off a drug heist and escape to another country. They are out partly for revenge, as Joe's actions in an earlier outing with the gang gave them all years in prison. Later, Joe's new wife Fabienne (Liv Ullmann) and her twelve-year-old daughter are threatened by a sadistic rapist, Katanga (Jean Topart), but they haven't reckoned with Joe, who is now out for blood.

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