Black Dragons

Directed by: William Nigh
Writen by: Al Martin
Produced by: Sam Katzman
Run Time:1 hour, 1 minute
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Mystery, Thriller, War
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Joan Barclay, George Pembroke

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Just prior to the start of World War II, Dr. Melcher (Bela Lugosi), a world-famous plastic surgeon, is brought in by Japan's Black Dragon Society as part of a secret plan. Dr. Melcher operates on six Black Dragon Society operatives and transforms them into exact duplicates of 6 high ranking American businessmen who are replaced by these look-alikes. With their operatives in place, the Black Dragon Society's plan to sabotage the American war effort appears to be set but, the F.B.I. Chief and an agent begin to piece together the clues that hopefully will uncover this sinister plot.

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