Anatomy of a Psycho

Directed by: Boris Petroff
Writen by: Jane Mann, Don Devlin, Larry Lee, William A. Ullman Jr., George Bricker
Produced by: Brooke L. Peters, Ben Judell
Run Time:1 hour, 13 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Genres:Crime, Thriller
Collections:Psycho Killer, Films of the 1960s, Featured
Cast: Ronnie Burns, Pamela Lincoln, Darrell Howe

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A young man is despondent over the conviction and subsequent execution of his older brother. Having idolized his brother to the point of it being an obsession, the young man cannot believe he was guilty, even though he was, and swears to avenge him. The crazed young man decides to carry out his revenge by tracking down and killing all the officials and jurors responsible for his brother's trial and execution.

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